Dima Yastronaut

About Dima:

I was born in Ukraine and have spent much of my life traveling. Observing beauty throughout the world has filled my life with creative passion. It is my soul’s purpose and desire to create something new for this world, making it a better place by adding beauty to it. I am grateful to dedicate my life to working with this force of infinite creativity. I feel that the possibilities are truly limitless in the positive nature we can create with our love and aspiration.

In the past 12 years I have been deeply inspired by the knowledge I have been discovering. Visionary artists, musicians, scientists and philosophers stimulate my imagination with innovative concepts and blissful images. I feel as though the mediums that we are blessed with to spread love and positivity come in abundance at this time of our existence.

It has been a gratifying  privilege to live a creative life following my passions, meeting amazing friends along my journey and sharing my art with so many people. I appreciate all the extraordinary people I have met that influenced me to be the person I am today. Thank you for appreciating my art, it truly inspires me to achieve majestical results with every project.

Dima Yastronaut